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Collaborating with OrangeFi, means partnering with consultants known in the industry for their professionalism and integrity.  That means responsiveness, accountability and personal commitment.  Everything you want in a trusted partner.

Our online reviews are from real clients. 

Fernando E. – Orlando, FL. Pool Services

“I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this company early last year. I applied and got funding to start my business and I haven’t regretted any part of it. A year and a half later and I have my business established and running strong thanks to OrangeFi. Daniel, Kyle and Christine made the process seamless and I appreciate it 100%.”

Michael D. – Fort Lauderdale, FL. All County Auto

“The service we received from OrangeFi was by far the best we have experienced with respect to business financing. The team performed quickly, professionally and the results were amazing! The program is innovative and provides a real solution for a start-up company likes ours! Thanks, guys! Andre Walter, Nick Boyer and Maria Cadena were a pleasure to work with!!! We highly recommend their services.”

Allan M. – Ocean Pines, MD. Ocean Elements Float Spa

“My experience with OrangeFi has been exceptional from start to finish. They worked with us every step of the way to secure the capital we needed to start our business.”

Melissa R. – Pelham, NH. Suppas Pizza & Subs

“The Team at Orange Financial was great to work with. Thanks for the help.”

Rosnslaire J. – Glassboro, NJ. Real Estate Investment

“Michael, Sebastien, and Sarah were professional and kept constant communication with me throughout the process. Even after you are done with your funding process they recommend that you call them if you have further questions. ”

Brittany M. – Las Angeles, CA. Real Estate

“Whenever I am working with a developer and they run into problems financially finishing a project, OrangeFi comes in to save the day! Multiple times now when a house was nearing the finish of construction and my client runs out of financing, OrangeFi gives them a loan to finish the project and get it on the market! Thank you, thank you! ”

Kristina V. – San Francisco, CA. Fashion eCommerce

“The OrangeFi team has guided me every step of the way. You can tell by their experience and professionalism is the reason why this company has been around for a long time. I now have the ability to expand my business and grow. Definitely will recommend OrangeFi to my friends and other entrepreneurs!”

Lennard L. – Santa Clara, CA. The Art of Boxing

“I ran through a number of financing roadblocks when opening my Boxing Gym. I came across OrangeFi and was able to secure funding to get my location and fitness equipment. I decided to use them for credit card processing and everything has been seamless. This company is great to work with and really know what business owners face on a daily basis.”

Ricardo B. – Miami, FL – Stand & Fight Consulting

“Excellent company with great experience. Highly recommend their services.”

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